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Dairy Products

We produce both our cheeses and butter from the milk which comes from our own farm. It is produced artisanal and is naturel with out any additives . 

Cottage cheese with herbs

It is dry cottage cheese with pepper paste ,cumin,wild  origano,coriander.

you add olive oil to eat it.

By adding tomato,cucumber and mint and olive oil you can make a salad. Also you can make a sauce with tomato garlic and olive oil put it on to bread and cook it or use this ingridient in to pastas.

Boiled cheese


Before eating cut it in to pieces and put it in to hot water.

 Put it in to clay with garlic and butter and cook it in the oven .

Melting cheese

Put the cheese in to warm water then use it or put it in warm penne where the cheese melts with heat. 


Dry cooked yogurt is dipped in mint pepper and is kept in olive oil

Dil peyniri

It is artisanal and very low amount of salt

Cooked yogurt

It is cooked goat yogurt a little soury taste

it can be added in to food, or can be eaten by adding olive oil mint and pepper added

Clarified butter

Clarified butter


Our butter is made from yogurt .We first produce yogurt add water and with the help of a machine get the fat out.

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