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Since the day we have been founded we attended national and international events, where we were able to introduce both Antakya, the city and the products we produce.


Slow cheese Bodrum,

we attended Slow cheese bodrum in 2017. 

Gastronomi festivali İstanbul

Pales attended Gastronomy festival in Istanbul

Cheese Berlin

We were invited to Cheese berlin both to to match our cheeses with wine and make visiters taste our products. 

Kanyon Pop up restorant

For two days we served Antakya food in Kanyon shopping mall 

Slow cheese Bodrum,
Slow cheese, Bra İtalya

In 2017 we were invited to give a speech on antakya cheeses in Slow cheese,Bra in Italy.

Metro Dusseldorf

We were invited to go to Germany to visit Metro as a delegate

Yeniden meze

 Gave a speech on Antakya and Antep gastronomical city and introduced our products to the visitors.

Gastro sahne

I was invited to give a speech on how Pales became a brand.

in 2019 we are invited to attend slow cheese bodrum. to introduce our products.

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